Practical application of technology and innovation.

JGS Technical LLC is a small consultancy owned by Josh Sanderson, specializing in the design and implementation of computer software and hardware solutions.



  • Web Apps
  • Desktop Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Cloud Architectures


  • Cross-platform
  • Microcontrollers
  • Sensing & Motion
  • Visualization


  • Architecture & Design
  • Prototyping
  • Security Reviews
  • Team Coordination

Experience projects, clients, & employers

Senior staff engineer on the early R&D team for Hivemind product. Designed and developed next generation GUI applications for controlling and monitoring AI on autonomous aircraft.

Senior engineer on the worldwide continuous improvement team. Set direction for multiple projects, including deployment of a next generation Virtual Andon system to fulfillment centers.

Interim director of software development. Asked to assess state of existing code bases, starting building up new team, define new architecture, and setup new infrastructure.

Technical lead on multiple confidential projects as a member of the Advanced Technology Group. Became an employee when company I cofounded with three colleagues was acquired in 2014.

Primary developer of new program for acquiring and aggregating real-time race data from race track timing systems and sending it to RaceHero.io backend.

Development of visualization and GUI control apps for internal research projects, often involving embedded systems brokering wireless sensor data.

Creation of complex dynamic financial reports for customers and integration of affiliate ecommerce programs.

Development of browser based 2D visualizations, manipulation of maps for wireless vibration sensor placements, and integration of large scale time-series database.

Cofounder, sometimes CTO, and tech lead for what became the largest provider of original comedy based content. Developed all infrastructure and custom systems related to the business. Acquired in 2014 by Audible/Amazon.

Web development for global CMS driven website, including custom video players and animations for marketing pieces.

Research and experiments showing ways to visualize general aviation accident data.

Presentations for reconstructing general aviation accidents, often for legal proceedings. Required development of programs to analyze raw RADAR data.

Software architect, and later consultant, for multi-platform enterprise document and image management product.

Short duration lead server engineer for a triple-A MMO game title.

Team lead in premiere digital media agency during the dot com era, building everything from websites to in-store systems and multimedia displays.

email info@jgstechnical.com
phone +1 814.359.9317 USA